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Lebanon, OR, us
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I'm 5'2", blonde, I have CP, Dormant Epilepsy, I am hoping to get dentures too someday. I don't drive (LOL) but I like going for walks on nice days. I'm a Grobanite forever and I done fell for Josh, most of his songs remind me of Michael, him andFrodo, I am in love w/ MJ and Frodo but I think Elijah Wood is a hottie too!! They are ALL made out of Zanny. I like to do crafts, plastic Canvass and jewelry especially, I love reading, writing stories and poems, drawing, Karaoke, Disney Princess expecially Ariel and Tinker Bell (LOL) photoshopping pix of ppl w/ me, collecting Zanny creatures that have air in them, I take care of house and home while Mom and Dad work days, I love to cook and bake stuff, I also love to chat w/ friends online and meet other MJ and JG fans, here I am hope I don't make u throw up (I made this w/ me and Josh): These Pumpkin guys are made outta Zanny!
Favorite Music:
Michael Jackson, Disney, Josh Groban (of course LOL!), some country some R&B, some rap (no hard core), soul, top 40, oldies frome 50's to today, specially the 80's, love 'em! Shaun Cassidy, Frodo, just general 'nice' stuff that my mom would like (and some she wouldn't cuz it's a bit to rock-n-roll LOL!) alternative and independant music as well. Here is Frodo!

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